MJW Financial went above and beyond in staying connected to us, responding to questions in the middle of the night and making us feel comfortable with our first mortgage. AND, they followed-up with us when rates had dropped and secured a phenomenal deal on a refinance 10 months later. We barely had to lift a finger! My wife and I are fast movers; we don’t like to sit on open decisions. After an initial handshake, we called MJW and told them we were perfectly ready to make an offer on our dream house. They were available via text message and face-to-face meetings while we gathered our paperwork and they assembled dozens and dozens of forms to prep our mortgage. Compared to the experiences of a handful of our friends with other brokers, MJW provided *exceptional* and informative service. In comparison with our personal network, we haven’t yet heard of a broker that even comes close to this level of performance. We recommend MJW to friends and colleagues without hesitation! As a bonus, they texted me a few months ago when rates had dropped, and offered their expertise in refinancing our mortgage. After some initial research and financial estimates (confirming the benefit), we took advantage of their services to broker the refinance – it went as splendidly as the initial purchase did.