I am very pleased with the service provided by MJW Financial LLC. I’d been considering a mortgage refinance for quite some time. They walked me through all of my re-finance options, taking the time to ensure I understood everything. Once I’d made a decision on the type of loan I wanted, they promptly provided me the loan applications, paperwork, etc…. and worked with me very closely to ensure I submitted all the necessary paperwork. They kept me updated every step of the way, through the loan approval process, the appraisal, and the closing process. I had no surprises at closing because they took the time to clearly explain all the details to me ahead of time. Bottom line is they were able to cut 2.75% off my interest rate and take me from 26 years to 15 years, with a payment that was less than $100 more per month than what I was currently paying. They also waived my credit fee and appraisal fee which was a nice surprise! Beyond the financial benefits, I am extremely pleased with the level of service MJW Financial provided. Their clear priority was to ensure I had a high quality experience. I will use MJW Financial for future purchases and re-finances and will recommend the company to everyone I know. I give MJW Financial an A++++